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    ETC Express 48/96 Tracking

    I take it from this that you're referring to the 'physical' manual? If so, grab yourself a copy of the ETC Express Manual. Save it and the next time you need to find an answer you can use the handy 'Search' feature in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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    How can I fix my light board?

    Win98 was still buggy. Granted it wasn't as bad as Win95 (when, if you only had a dozen crashes a day you were doing good) but it could/would crash more than anyone liked. If you can, try upgrading to XP...much more stable than 98/98SE and it's still DOS-based.
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    ETC Express 48/96 Tracking

    Found some things in my Manual that may be of some help. Deleting a part from a multipart cue Deleting a part from a multipart cue is the reverse of creating a multipart cue from a standard cue. When a part is deleted, the channels in the deleted part do not leave the cue but transfer to part...