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    E-stop code requirements?

    Hey folks, I'm curious to know if there are any U.S. codes that require motorized theatrical equipment to have an E-stop, or if it's "best practice" at best? I've found some guidelines that mention them, but nothing concrete or lawfully required yet looking at OSHA, ISO, etc. I'm specifically...
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    DIY Star Drop - Photos?

    Just because I love sharing this video and the howyadidit... Painted an old drop, poked a massive number of holes, and then added a bunch of circuits of string lights poking through (glued, taped, safety pinned). Super cheap and looked pretty cool in person! The northern lights were a bunch of...
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    2019 Mac Pro — crazy or not?

    Hey all, I haven't seen anything here about the latest Mac Pro yet (probably because it isn't released), but what do we think about it as a QLab/everything else production machine? Overkill? Future-proof to the gills? Is it missing something you'd want?What config(s) would you consider for...
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    Where to find tension grids in NYC?

    Hi all! I'm on the hunt for a few venues in NYC that are similar to mine (35' x 60' black box w/grid @ 20'6") that have a tension grid in place—and like giving tours... Any takers?The back story: I'm new-ish to a venue where overhead we have a unique series of 6 custom dead-hung trusses on 10'...
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    True1 <--> PowerCon converters?

    I did a cursory search to see if this has been discussed yet, but how do we (and Neutrik) feel about the existence and use of these products?I see some of the options being: A) not a problem since you should just be smart and treat it like standard PowerCon B) definitely problematic since it...
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    Learning Network for Entertainment

    Which is which? This year I took one that seemed like it would be useful, but about half of it was just building cable...
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    My ION has a virus

    The first thing someone would ask is why is your Ion connected to the internet or a network that isn't used exclusively for production lighting... If you really do have a virus, that's almost certainly how you got one in the first place (or someone stuck in a USB drive with something on it).My...
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    Beam Bender and 70°s?

    Thanks Harrison, that's a great thing to know. Without having any benders on hand it's hard to do any exact science, but my back-of-napkin math basically figured as much. I'll be experimenting with the ETC 7.5" LED-specific 50deg barrel and will report back if there are any oddities there.
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    Beam Bender and 70°s?

    Hey all, I'm headed into a fun project where it seems beam benders might be beneficial to save space in nearly non-existent wings. My question: has anyone successfully used a 50° (the 7.5" ETC LED version) or a 70° barrel with the 7.5" beam benders—and did it work? Or does anyone have a thought...
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    experience with ETC iRFR on iPad?

    Side note: If you do go the iPad route, I believe you should be able to find ethernet dongles for them so as to at least have a hard connection to the network (and then turn WiFi back on when you roam around in the house).
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    Creating a Circuit Map

    If you're worried about precision, don't use this! It's been known to be short by 1/8" or 1/4" IIRC, so along a 60' batten, you'll lose some distance and not have a true center. Definitely like the silver metallic Sharpie (no, not the fixture) and tape measure method from center the best. And if...
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    Conventional Fixtures S4 accessory slot thumb screws

    I was hoping to go all-metal (saw nothing on McMaster when I looked earlier), but I suppose plastic is fine for me with a buncha Lustrs. Not having a fixture within in reach, I'll have to see if a longer thread would work in order for the shoulder to actually compress and keep the slot closed...
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    Conventional Fixtures S4 accessory slot thumb screws

    Hi friends, it's always been my dream to replace every standard S4's accessory slot with the fancy thumb screws that the zooms come with... Say I need enough to swap out 150 fixtures worth (x2)—the ETC list price (PN# HW2177) is somewhere around $1.80-2.30 a piece = $500+ to do this (unless...
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    Looking for a torn/damaged cyc for Halloween production

    I'm surprised that Rose Brand isn't part of this:, but maybe that list of suppliers might be of use to you?
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    Tie line versus Trick line

    I had (wrongly) been taught that paracord was called "trick line" and for a few years got away with that—until I was called out for being blatantly wrong... I'm curious to hear a consensus on what trick line is really defined as because I still can't nail down a definition.