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    Stage Light v Projection Lumens

    Thanks for the response. I guess in my world most of my upstage fixtures are pointed out so the camera would need to see through these lights to view what is projected.
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    Stage Light v Projection Lumens

    Hi everyone! I'm an LD that mainly uses LEDs for my rig and I'm trying to accommodate a projectionist at an upcoming show so they can bring something with enough fire power. This is when the question of how many lumens my stage is actually putting out came up. I understand that this is a "fluid"...
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    Lighting midi controller options

    I'm to the point where I finally have my light set up switched over to a DMX/USB interface but now wanted to explore a few hardware controllers. Currently I have a MIDI interface and a small Oxygen keyboard that I use for audio but wanted a little more fader options. From what I've seen...