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    Creating Projection Effects

    Hey All! I was wondering what would be the best, free method to creating continuos projection effects. Like if I wanted a white cloud and dark cloud effect moving like haze continuously as an animation How would I do it. Thank You! *I also have Holo-Gauze. How would I make 3-D projection videos?*
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    Dmx Issues

    There was a terminator at the end. I only had issues when I added the hazer into the middle of the chain.
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    Dmx Issues

    Wo Would putting it at the end of the chain solve this issue?
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    Dmx Issues

    so I just added a Antari Z380 fazed to a dmx chain that originated from a showbaby. Without the gazer in it it works properly but right when I add it the light after it in the chain begin to strive and move around. Is there a reason for this? I’m probably just going to add it to the end of the 9...
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    hey! I need a wireless dimmer from city theatrical. Which version of the QolorFLEX would work with 6 or more incandescent lights on it. Thank you
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    Cyc light

    I need a new RGB cyc light? They need to be cheap and be able to cast up 20 feet and be used for a 42 foot stage. Any recommendations.
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    Fixture recommendation Battery LED light

    You can also look into the Chauvet series of wireless lights. For example the FREEDOM PARS include a wireless dmx signal accessible through a FlareCon or the app on your phone. The one down side is the C-clamp. I’m sure there is a way to get a C-clamp on it.
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    Showbaby issues

    Thank you! I appreciate the help. I contacted you guys through the contact us form on your website.
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    Showbaby issues

    The problem is that I bought it directly from city theatrical off of amazon
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    Dmx over Ethernet

    i just want to confirm... if you go from an ETC ion to a node with an Ethernet cable. You can plug in multiple dmx cables I go it to create more universes. Is this correct?
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    Showbaby issues

    They have not responded
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    Showbaby issues

    Yes there are screws. How would I fix the atenna. Is there a video online ?
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    Showbaby issues

    Is there a way I can open it up and fix the wiring to the atenna. The base of the atenna where you screw it in seems to be wiggly and it spins. The base metal threaded part can be spun around which is not correct. Could I fix this myself?
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    Showbaby issues

    I bought a Showbaby 6 in May of 2018. It recently has been having issues where it cannot recieve a signal. I tried changing the ateni but it didn’t help. I also put it as the dmx transmitter at the board. When I did this it could only interact with the closest 3 led pars. It couldn’t control the...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Dance Show Ideas?

    I would recommend putting batons or trees hanging upstage behind the dancers. Each tree could have par and on it to create a beautiful back light but also just some cool patterns behind them. You can even put moving heads on it to. I added a picture for an example. You could just make it...