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    Hooking up LEDs to an ETC express 24/48

    Where on the back of the board am I plugging in the dmx to connect to my LED's? The only output seems to be taken up by dmx already for something and the first universe is taken up. I've never had to hook LEDs up to this board before and am lost. I am only familiar with the hog. Also, any help...
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    Opportunities in Pittsburgh?

    Anybody around Pittsburgh know of any work opportunities with lighting or other tech jobs that will be available around mid December through late January. I'll be on my winter break from college (Slippery Rock) and was looking to get some professional experience and perhaps a little pay.
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    Disney Trip Tech Stuff

    I was down in Disney World 2 weeks ago and saw "Wishes" at MK. Now let me know if anyone knew this? I, like everyone else, enjoyed the pre-show with the pictures they display from the park that day and the main show itself. When watching the show, it appears as if all the fireworks are...
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    3 point lighting help

    I agree with everyone. R02 and R60 are fail proof and you cannot go wrong with them. Also, if you can get a lot of fresnels, I don't see the harm in twofering those as well so you could have two downlights for each area. You could use a pale pink and pale blue or swap the pink for amber or...
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    Good Downlight Color

    Yeah I guess that's true haha
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    Good Downlight Color

    I would pick something more saturated. Especially if you're going for a horror aspect. And just a heads up, from my experience, most if not all green looks ugly on actors and makes them look sick/ill.
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    Gel Colors (Colour) theory with lights.

    At my college, we're taught the mccandless theory which I don't really care for because unless you are using pretty saturated colors, it all just ends up looking like white or light amberish light so the gels are almost pointless in these sometimes. However, we have 2 45 degree lights (a cool...
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    Busch Gardens (VA)

    All very interesting. I was definitely thinking Disney at some point after college, but I'll have to keep Cedar Point in mind now for tech jobs. Never even would of thought of them and I've been there so many times ha.
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    Design Issues and Solutions Need Ideas

    I just got done designing for the Merchant of Venice and I can tell you some gel ideas. For my daytime scenes, I used R33 (No Color Pink) for my front light and R02 (Bastard Amber) and R60 (No Color Blue) as my 45 degree lights. I also used PARS for sidelight that had scrollers on them which I...
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    Disney professional Entertainment tech internship

    Just wishing you good luck with that. Both me and my girlfriend are going to apply for that internship next year. Sounds like an interesting program, though I have heard it is very hard to get those tech jobs.
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    What should I go to college for if I want to have 2 career options, and where?

    Haha it's a gas station/convenience store that basically has a fast food kitchen inside. It's reasonably priced and is pretty tasty to begin with, but when you're starving and have been in tech forever, it's the best thing you ever ate. They're mostly here in PA, but there's some in Ohio, West...
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    What should I go to college for if I want to have 2 career options, and where?

    I know for me, the week before tech and tech week itself, my diet consists of granola bars, coffee, pop tarts, coffee, maybe some Sheetz here and there if I have time, and then more coffee haha.
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    Graduating with the right stuff

    I'm sort of in the same boat, except I didn't get involved in theater tech until college (I'm a junior as well). I started off doing crew and have been working my way up. I was ALD for a show last semester and am LD for Merchant of Venice opening in a week. I would say to get involved in as...
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    My venue has the world's worst light rig. Need help making it suck less.

    Yes to LEDs as well. As far as the comment someone made about American DJ stuff, we actually have a lot of LED bars and PARS at our church from them that we use for backdrop looks and other things. I woudn't bash them. You can do much better, but with a limited budget, I think they could get...
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    Merchant of Venice

    Hey all! So I'm lighting designer for Merchant of Venice at my college! All lights are hung, focused, and circuited. Just need to program and cue before first tech in 2 days. Anyone else ever work on Merchant?? How'd it go? What were the set, lights, and sound like?