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    Jay Glerum

    In Seattle, sweatpants are 100% accepted in some "professional" environments. So, yes, anything will go.
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    Petzl GRIGRI 2 recall

    I haven't bought a GriGri of any generation but just got a purchased my own rope to make it easier to get out. I have used them extensively on top rope, but I am not a fan of having to do a lead belay on one.
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    FHS Auditorium Roof Collapse

    Don't even think about the mass involved with wet snow.
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    Manfred Mann's Earth Band

    Can I get free sunscreen and sunglasses from my employer then if I claim they're PPE?
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    For Sale: Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose and Woodchopper (Seattle)

    The second picture isn't loading, but the rose looks really neat. And I really don't have $300 sitting around right now for it, sorry.
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    What lamp is this???

    Isn't nominal sizing wonderful? Let's us call things that really aren't what they are.. And on #7, someone didn't check their fit tables for a clearance fit.
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    Cost/Benefit of allowing food/drink in auditorium

    The 5th Ave Theatre in downtown Seattle only allows bottled water and soft drinks in the house. Food and alcohol is allowed in the lobby. My university PAC doesn't allow any food or drink in the house. High schools though is where it's really enforced (as an employee) not wanting to have to call...
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    Drafting a Compound Rake

    Not sure if this is the norm for theatre-specific drawings, but I've learned that dimensions should never be placed inside an object from an engineering drawing class.
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    Pen you use

    Pilot G2 07. Use them everyday as a college student, except this next week being on break. Definitely not suitable for lefties being a gel ink. Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens, Fine Point, Black Ink, Dozen Box (31020): Office Products Could we have an admin/mod...
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    I Wish....

    Continue working my part-time school theater job. Pretty sweet gig I had senior year of high school.
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    Ion Touchscreens

    The munchie food. I'm sure the second option could work if you stop it from squirming and hold it steady enough when tapping.
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    Ion Touchscreens

    Resistive screens will register a touch if anything applies enough texture, while the capacitative screen on your phone or tablet takes something that conducts electricity, usually your finger or special styluses. Baby carrots also work surprising well on Nokia screens.
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    Ion Touchscreens

    VGA/DVI adapters are pretty cheap to pick up if you find a good deal on the display.
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    ETC Sensor rack low volt error

    Oh Solidworks. Are you sure the drawing pulled in all the dimensions and that you added the needed driven dimensions? Better run another Interference Check and hope for the suceess chime. I just finished a quarter long technical drawing and CAD class. Had a semi-relaxing evening trying to...
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    Vintage Lighting Help Identifying vintage light

    Your signature goes great with this thread.