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CB is Always Available, 24/7

ControlBooth is a valuable resource for users in the industry because a community doesn't keep hours, or even take vacations. Our community is always available to help users solve problems. We have members on our site 24/7, reading and posting, and of course, seeing your message. We would like to help you support your users on ControlBooth as well.

CB is the Best Targeted Audience

There is no other website online today with the same concentration of your targeted audience. For instance:

  • • 22% of our members are in college or starting in the industry, ages 18-24.
  • • 32% of our members are the backbone of the industry, ages 25-35
  • • 44% of our members are the dealmakers, the management, the mentors, ages 36+

These stats represent our users who have taken the time to create a membership, without whom ControlBooth wouldn't be what it is today. These are the people that are, or will be, industry leaders, those who guide and mentor to teach the next generation. Those word of mouth recommendations are priceless. Make an impression today.

How ControlBooth gets you the Most for Your Advertising Dollar

Advertise alongside industry powerhouses and be assured that your ads won't be diluted or lost in the mix. We limit how many ads can be in each ad slot. We also offer exclusive ad spots on a month to month basis. New for 2015, we also offer email blasts of our entire member list, but on a first come, first served basis, limited to one blast per month. We are also open to other marketing and advertising opportunities including co-branding, special edition products, member-only promotions, and other non-traditional advertising. One of our most successful co-branded promotions has been our Reference Card, co-branded with Apollo Design.

Provide Support and Reputation Management with Keyword Alerts

The Keyword Alert Tool was built specifically for our advertisers to be able to keep an eye out for conversations about their products or services on ControlBooth. It allows you to input a list of terms/product names that you want monitored. If a discussion on ControlBooth mentions any of these keywords, our system will send you an email alerting you, so you can keep an eye on the thread or even respond to questions quickly. Companies like ETC and Apollo have already adopted this system and are using it's capabilities to treat ControlBooth as a support channel, letting their tech support staff monitor conversations to see if they need to step in with a more technical answer, or provide more hands on support. It has proven remarkably effective.

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    Mar 1, 2015
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