Captain America Outfit

Summary of the project

Took a metal saucer sled and recreated Captain America's movie shield and created a helmet and mask.

1 Shield

I've found myself with more free time this summer than I usually have so I'm finally starting to tackle some personal projects. I've done a ww2 "rescue" shield before and figured it was time to tackle Cap's round shield. I figured since this is sort of a prop and hopefully an interesting build, I'd do a thread here to document the process. Just started the star today, and unfortunately I can't get the main shield base till august. But here we go.

One of my references. Not mine, though this is a fan made screen accurate repro: [​IMG]

I started the spun aluminum look and cut out the star before having to load in a show for my wife.


Some of my lines are a bit off but given that this is a first attempt I'm happy enough with it. Here's where the star ended today

Interestingly enough, the guy who is the leading source of the stars for home builds started off using split rivet heads for the look and then switched to just using an aluminum rod in a drill press to spin the rivet look in because it's closer to what the on screen version looks like. Most people just end up epoxying the star onto the shield rather than having it engraved in like the film version. In part because even the best shield makers haven't produced a decent engraved version yet.

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