Picomm version 2 2019-03-03

All in one affordable full duplex stage communication on Raspberry pi

  1. jtweigandt
    Cleaned up and enhanced instructions for Picomm all in one mumble server and wireless router for full duplex stage communication. The new pi3+ won't run on the older pre configured image. I have uploaded picomm2.img.zip that will run on the pi3b+ as well as the 3b and the pizerow. The documentation also has updated "roll your own" instructions for those who want to DIY link to google drive is now https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12b0IkTYJ6-bB-2-chbc_YkJRv1gpLBUL?usp=sharing It has the images for the picomm2 image along with images for stations for pi and for a bootable pc thumbdrive. documentation is also in this folder.
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