1. Rose03

    Altman 3.5Q Not Lighting

    Help! My dearly beloved brown Altman 3.5Q has stopped lighting reliably. I've tried different lamps, different circuits, switching plugs. I suspect it might be corrosion in the base but I have no idea how to clean that out. Any ideas?
  2. Rose03

    Brown and Black Altman

    I have a brown altman 3.5q but I've noticed that the ones that are sold new on the altman website are black. Why?
  3. hobbsies

    Conventional Fixtures Telling Altman 3.5Q Lenses Apart

    Hi guys,I have some altman 3.5Q with two different lenses and I'm trying to figure out which lens tube is which degree.Anyone play with these and can tell which is which? I THINK the one of the left is 38° and the one on the right is 28° but I just want confirmation.