1. Stevens R. Miller

    ETC Element: How to find the dimmer for a specific light?

    I'm in a theater with an unknown number of dimmers and an ETC Element (250-channel model). By patching channel 200 to addresses 210 through 505, I can get a specific light to light up. What I want to do is figure out which address in particular controls that specific light. I could use a kind of...
  2. EHansenLX

    Control/Dimming DMX Help

    Hi: I'm relatively new to all this DMX stuff and I was hoping to get some help on a set-up I was planning.We have an ETC Express 48/96 that will be doing all the DMX control. We are hanging two I-Cue systems with a DMX Iris in each (on a S4). We will also have 8 color scrollers on some...