1. alicroz34

    Control/Dimming ADJ Dotz Par Dimming Control Issue

    EDIT: The fixture was not in three-channel mode in its settings. So simple, so easy, so fixed. Whoopsie.I just purchased an ADJ Dotz Par and am using it for a show with an ETC Element. Fixture is working great, but the intensity wheel isn't responding. I can only control intensity by...
  2. dvsDave

    ADJ Lighting - Lighting up your Live Stream Webinar Rhodes and Bob Mentele (@rsmentele) will share their knowledge, from a technical standpoint, about what type of stage lighting to use to look professional for live stream video presentations.
  3. nick_fouts

    Controlling DMX fixtures on ETC Express 48/96

    Hello everyone!We are renting a few ADJ Eco Bar UV lights for our production of A Christmas Carol to be able to do some fun effects.I have used a Chauvet Geyser with our board before, and we are using that again in this show. The way I set that up is to output DMX signal from the “universe...
  4. tymckz

    Opinions on Chauvet, Blizzard, and ADJ for theatre playhouse

    Hey Hi I'm opening a new theatre in SF. I've been using Chavet ParQuad 18's in my other theatre. They're great. My budget is kind of tight and I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on longevity and quality between the Chavet ParQuad 18, the ADJ 18PHEX (or any comparable ADJ fixtures) and these...
  5. Joshua Hoffman

    Need profile for ADJ inno pocket z4

    Hey guys, Does anyone have a profile for the ADJ Inno Pocket Z4 for ETC EOS? I realize it is a relatively new fixture but I just wanted to ask. Thanks, Joshua
  6. Joshua Hoffman

    MyDMX and QLab

    Hello All, I am using MyDMX 2.0 to run the lights to a project I am working on. On the same computer, I also need to run Q lab for a few sound effect. Is there a way that I can make a QLab cue trigger MyDMX so I am not switching between applications? Thanks in advance, Joshua(BTW I am running...