1. Palms

    Budget LED Pars Recommendations

    Hello!Just had my design budget slashed due to a set overspend and so now I'm on the hunt for 9 budget LED pars that will take DMX control.I need them ideally to be RGBW, have strobe capability and be under £150/$180. If they had custom accessories like hats or barn doors that would also...
  2. D

    Please recommend the best laptop-based cued lighting system

    Hi everyone, I need some advise. I'm based in India, and 90% of the lighting I do for theatrical shows is on submasters, live. The other 10% is on Avolite boards. I have trained on ETC consoles with Go buttons, but that was over 6 years ago in the US.I need to light two plays in the next...
  3. J

    Lessons Learned

    Hi all!Just wanted to start a thread for all you theatre creators! Since this is such an amazing resource with a millennia in collective years of experience, and this could help young stagehands like myself, I ask the questions:What is the most important thing someone has taught you about...
  4. AtlanticSmith

    Flowers for Algernon Ideas

    OK. As the post says; We're doing Flowers for Algernon. Two hangups - The Maze and the mouse.Has anyone tried a live mouse? I'd like to buy/build a mouse, but in a black box, need the mouse to look realistic-ish. Additionally, I need to have a re-configurable maze, so I can use multiple...