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  1. NickVon

    Mixers/Consoles Review Allen & Heath SQ6 (SQ5, SQ7)

    Allen & Heath SQ6My Background:Primary console: Yamaha LS9Secondary Experience, Berhinger X32, Yamaha CL5, A&H GLD, A&H Dlive/iLive, Soundcraft ExpressionMy primary console at work is an ls9 where I mix one off events, Community/semi Pro Musical Theater, College Events, and Dance...
  2. L

    Allen & Heath Qu-32

    I have an Allen & Heath Qu-32 board in my school auditorium. The software needs to be updated. I have downloaded the file to a USB memory stick and then plugged that into the board but the software will not update. I get a message that indicates the file or USB stick isn't formatted properly...