1. Gage

    Conventional Fixtures Altman 360q reflector plating

    Has anyone experimented with re-plating reflectors? Did you have any success? I have some secondary 360q reflectors that are particularly bad, most of them are probably too pitted to attempt this with but I'm still interested in trying.I'm "inheriting" a bunch of these fixtures from multiple...
  2. A

    Donuts Made Out of Cardboard

    I was wondering if anyone has ever made a donut out of cardboard and how effective was it? Did it catch on fire? Did it work as a temporary solution?My high school theater doesn’t have much of a budget to speak of and we are having some problems with our Altmans and a very noticeable halo ring...
  3. Rose03

    Altman 3.5Q Not Lighting

    Help! My dearly beloved brown Altman 3.5Q has stopped lighting reliably. I've tried different lamps, different circuits, switching plugs. I suspect it might be corrosion in the base but I have no idea how to clean that out. Any ideas?
  4. J

    A video about lime lights and a question.

    So I made this video demonstrating the lime light effect using stuff you could find at the hardware store, figured it might be of interest here. I turned off auto white balance, but due to the rather simple camera I was using I could not turn off auto focus or auto iris.Now for the question -...
  5. Rose03


    Ok so I'm trying to get a guy by doing some lighting for him. The catch? It's film lighting, something I've never had experience with before. I have four Altman 3.5qs, one B&M Fresnel, a Strong Trouperette II follow spot, two pars, a four pot dimmer, controller, and no gel nor stands. What do I...
  6. dvsDave

    Altman has announced EOL on their PAR 38, 56, & 64

    After over fifty years of service, Altman Lighting is announcing the End of Product life (EOL) for the PAR 38, 56, & 64 families of Incandescent Par Lights. Following the recent PAR lamp mass discontinuation by several lamp manufacturers, we are announcing the End of Sales and Product life for...
  7. Butch!

    FS Strand SL's, Altman SkyCycs, 6" Fresnels, pars, T3 cycs

    Fixtures that were removed during upgrades. All were used in installs at High Schools or colleges. These are for pick up, but if you want to arrange freight shipping we will crate or palletize. Located in Ridgway, PA, 15853, 3 hours south of Buffalo, NY, 3 hours north of Pittsburgh, PA. 1/2...
  8. Rose03

    Brown and Black Altman

    I have a brown altman 3.5q but I've noticed that the ones that are sold new on the altman website are black. Why?
  9. NeroCaesar

    Altman Spectra Strip and Lens Spread

    Hello I am looking at buy some LED Spectra Strips and wanted to get the SPectraCube Lens Spread but there are options.The question is, does any one know if the lens spreads are like Silk and go left right or like frost and spread 360?I am using them for up light on my vinyl Cyc and trying to...
  10. Roddy Armory Theatre

    Conventional Fixtures Altman Light Shield Use

    We use Altman sockets in our Lekolites and I've never been told what the the metal ring, called a "Light Shield," actually does for the light. I attached a photo for reference. Any thoughts would be appreciated.Photo Credit:
  11. K

    Altman 65Q Fresnel socket replacement

    at my High school, we have a bunch of altman 65Q fixtures of which the socket for the lamp is corroded, and they need to be replaced. does anyone know of any video tutorial that may show how to properly replace these?
  12. Aaron Peavey

    Conventional Fixtures Altman 360 ellipsoidal

    I was recently given a couple of the original Altman 360 fixtures. I was wondering if anyone has any info on them. I am specifically looking for the lamp types it can take. The light has a EGG 750w lamp right now but i want to go down to a lower wattage.
  13. hobbsies

    Conventional Fixtures Telling Altman 3.5Q Lenses Apart

    Hi guys,I have some altman 3.5Q with two different lenses and I'm trying to figure out which lens tube is which degree.Anyone play with these and can tell which is which? I THINK the one of the left is 38° and the one on the right is 28° but I just want confirmation.
  14. mydadistimallen

    Automated Fixtures Altman 4 Rung Ladder used with Moving Lights

    Hi everyone,The theatre that I work at has purchased some new Lighting Ladders to taildown from our Electrics. The Designer is wanting to hang some High End Technospot moving lights off the bottom rung of the Ladder. They are large, 90lb movers...
  15. Andy Watson

    Expert help needed on identifying this light

    Hi everyone. Posting here because I have completely drawn a blank and in urgent need to advice.I have come across the light and I have never seen anything like it before (see pic). It came out of a London theatre and it is an Altman. More than that I do not know. I have even contacted the...
  16. M

    Altman Phoenix RGBA Color

    Hi All,This is my first time renting Altman Phoenix LEDs for a show (my only previous experience with LED ellipsoidal is Source4 Lustr S2s)The home white isn't even tinted purple. I would describe it as solidly in the middle between pastel purple and saturated purple. I put them in 16B mode...
  17. nagates

    Control/Dimming Altman 200W LED Spectra Cyc Question

    So the theatre I work at just order some Altman 200w Led Spectra cyc lights, I was hooking them up to the board and testing them out a bit, I put them in the 10 channel mode, i.e RrBbGwAaMm. one thing I notice if I bring the up the second color channels (finer tuning channels) so the rgb part in...
  18. E

    Conventional Fixtures Cleaning lamp socket terminals on 360Qs

    Hi, this is my first thread here and I want to get some insight on the best approach on cleaning socket terminals. At my high school we've got 8 source fours with 575w bulbs in them to light our stage and pit. After the source fours were installed, the old 360Qs were retired. Still lying around...
  19. Les

    Altman Shakespeare Lamp Contact Problems

    The community theatre where I was recently hired on has a few Altman Shakespeare's that have problems with the lamp sockets. The instruments sometimes "ghost" on and off, and it is evident that there has been some arcing on the lamp posts. Usually if you just take the lamps out, flip them and...
  20. Diggits5

    Altman Shakespeare Socket

    Hey all! New member, first post.I work at a univ. and have been having light issues with some Shakespeares in one of our halls. We pulled the bases and noticed some corrosion in the sockets of all troubled fixtures. I'm looking to replace the sockets but havent been able to find an exact...