1. J

    How to use laptop for sound

    I ran sound from MacBook Air’s headphone jack (to XLR into mixer) at a high school theater and it sounded awful.What do I need between the computer and the mixer? Am I looking for an “external sound card”? “Pre-amp”? “DAC”? And if so, what specs do I need to meet to do well in a medium-sized...
  2. Brenden Friedel

    Loudspeakers Crown TI-6000

    So at my school, we have 2 Crown TI-6000. These are powered using a Dante switch. Recently anytime we turn on the system using a Crestron system it sometimes doesn't turn on the amps or it only turns on one amp. This means only one array can be powered and since we have to that's not good...
  3. T

    Powersoft K3

    Hello to the sound Gurus! I have spent much more time in the last decade as a lampie and am coming to you for some advice. I am working with my Admin to make some upgrades to our heavily aged and poorly planned audio system. I am working with a great Sound Contractor who is specing some...