1. NickVon

    Storage Wars Sound Locker

    Not really storage wars. A friend who buys storage lockers on the side of working in theater recently purchased a 10x10 locker with a bunch of gear in it.This link is the link to the craigslist ad, where you can also get in contact with them...
  2. TheTheaterGeek

    Control/Dimming 12/3 SOOW vs 14/3 SOOW Extensions

    Is it just a complete No-No to use 14/3 SOOW for making extensions. I dont know why but my spidey sence tingles every time i see a 14/3 Cable.Its rated for 18 Amps which give me 1980 available watts on 110v vs the 2200 that 12/3 gives you, Which to me still means 3 575 watt fixtures or 2 750...
  3. I

    Safe load for 16/19 Socapex

    What would a safe working load be on a 150' run of 16/18 Socapex cable at 120 volts?
  4. J

    New to Lighting

    Hi all!I'm setting up our light plot from a university designer for our spring musical this year. I've had experience with our ION board, using conventionals as well as intelligent lighting (DMX). The problem I have when circuiting a plot, I'm not too sure how to figure out how many of an...