1. D

    I joined to nerd out about a followspot

    Hello,I have come across this website everytime I search for info about the same thing: carbon arc followspots. So I decided to join because i have pictures and questions about one that I might get to meet next weekend 🤣 I am so oddly obsessed with them, also a little terrified.I will post...
  2. Rose03

    Strong Spotlight HMI Retrofit

    Does anyone know of a retrofit kit to allow me to put an arc lamp in my 1977ish Strong Trouperette II?
  3. dvsDave

    Arbor Rip Clip

    Every year, we look forward to USITT and walking the show floor looking for that ONE gadget that has that "Why Didn't I Think Of That?!" simplicity and utility.This year, the guys over at Stagehand Central delivered. This is the Arbor Rip Clip. Don't you hate those clamps holding those...