architectural control

  1. M

    Vision.Net Designer 4.5

    Hello!I'm the tech director at a few schools in my area, and one of them has an older Vision.Net house light control system. Since I took over the space, we've made a few changes to the house lights and work lights, however I have no way to update those presets in the Vision.Net system. I've...
  2. N

    Architectural control into DMX

    Hello,Our school auditorium is currently being upgraded to a Crestron architectural control system. Our theatre has two DMX universes, and plenty of spare outputs, but we don’t have any spare DMX inputs into the system. What I’m wondering is:I’m sure people in this community have...
  3. OscarMelectrified

    LED House Lighting Upgrades

    Hello everyone I am here to ask anyone who has had an experience upgrading their House Lighting from Unison/Lutron systems using fluorescent tubes into an LED based house lighting. There is a potential upgrade for next year and I want to know more about the various systems there are nowadays. I...
  4. Conner Jones

    Anyone know how to program this?

    Mystery panel by Conner Jones posted May 6, 2018 at 4:31 PM Hey guys,This light panel is in the rack at my new job and it controls all our house lights. It also controls our shell lights. The shell is 3 hung sections that flip from vertical to horizontal to make the roof. Pretty standard...
  5. Rob

    New Product from Pathway - Vignette DMX Snapshot and Zone Controller

    Vignette is a system of modular button and slider wall station inserts that allow you to snapshot four universes of E1.31 sACN or one universe of DMX512. Design custom wall stations, from single-gang up to six-gang.Buttons can be press-and-hold to record, and press to play back. Sliders can...