architectural controls

  1. StephenParticipatesInTech

    Control/Dimming ETC Sensor & Unison control issues

    EQUIPMENT (for reference) 175 circuits with ETC sensor modules 3 ETC CEM+ head units 2 large racks (unfamiliar with model) 1 smaller rack with phase loss detection (unfamiliar with model) Unison control system (unfamiliar with model name, but if provided with a picture I can confirm/deny whether...
  2. Van

    Control/Dimming Need help diagnosing an issue with CD80 rack, Processor, and Strand auxiliary panel.

    Sorry for the long title. Here's the deal: Our company sent a couple of CD80 rack processors in for repair, our main Dimming and control guy was going out of town and knowing I had a background as a field tech for Dimming and control, he asked that I do the re-installation. I went by the school...