1. YogiB

    Control/Dimming ADB Liberty: merging DMX from Artnet/sACN

    Hi all,I'm very unfamiliar with ADB products, as we don't really see them in North America. Currently working with a French theatre group and having our premier next week in a theatre that has the ADB Liberty.The show is saved on an OnPC application and I want to try avoid reprogramming the...
  2. TuckerD

    ESTA Satisfaction Survey

    Hello all, I am involved with the ESTA CPWQ task group that is currently working on plans for future protocols. As a part of that effort a survey was written to gauge peoples satisfaction with current protocols, fixture libraries, etc... We'd like to have as many participants as possible and the...
  3. jfleenor

    Doug Fleenor Design Introduces Two New Products

    Doug Fleenor Design is proud to announce the addition of two new products which will debut at LDI 2018. Please stop by our booth, #839, to see them in person!The PRE10E-A is an Ethernet based lighting controller that fits entirely into a two-gang electrical back box. The simple user interface...
  4. Old School 512

    Control/Dimming Which ArtNet to DMX node do you use

    Hello All, I am working on a converted cathedral about 1200 seats. Control is MA2 on PC to a POE gigabyte switch. I need 2 DMX uni's on the truss and say 2 or 4 backstage. The nodes should have both input and pass through for the network. I plan on running Cat 5e or Cat 6 depending on price...
  5. Dionysus

    GrandMA2 and Hippo/Critter

    A friend of mine has been trying to connect a venue's GrandMA2 and Green Hippo V3 and Critter.Neither of us has experience connecting video like this to the GrandMA (Im a QLab guy myself), but we'd like to make this work. We've had limited success connecting the two, managed to connect the two...
  6. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: ArtNET - Broadcast vs Unicast

    Art-Net has been around for some time, but recently it’s undergone some profound changes. A new generation of Unicast Art-Net has arrived on the scene allowing data to be transmitted more efficiently than was possible with the earlier Broadcast mode. Our own Sam Bowden, explains how Unicast...
  7. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Networking Tools

    Lighting fixtures today are connected like never before. In this video, Mike Graham provides a detailed guide on selecting and using networking tools for ArtNet, sCACN and other protocols.
  8. A

    Enttec USB Pro to Artnet software

    Hi, I am trying to use my Enttec USB Pro to take dmx signal in from a console that can't output artnet, and using to Enttec convert it to artnet signal and send it through the network, to resolume and other pieces of software. How would I go about doing this?
  9. Jayme McColgan

    Control/Dimming What's your favorite DMX opto Splitter?

    Hey, guys! I'm looking to upgrade my dmx distribution setup. currently, we are using some Elation opto splitters and it's not keeping up. what are some of your favorite ways to distribute DMX?We are a Church so it doesn't need to be mobile. it will live in a rack for the rest of its life...
  10. Jayme McColgan

    Control/Dimming Help with controlling pixel steps with a lighting console...

    good afternoon everyone. I'm looking to put together a rig of LED pixel tape that I would like to control from my lighting console. the console is using on this show is a Jands Vista S1.Here's my original thoughts and please correct me as you find flaws.I have a copy of Resolume Arena 5...
  11. A

    Control/Dimming ETC Element Offline Software and Resolume Arena 5

    Hey, So im pre programming a show that has time coded lighting to a video on a screen. This is all being done on a etc Element and resolume arena 5. I have started programming with the offline editor and sunlight 3d easy viz as well as resolume and it will all work for about 3 mins but after...
  12. fluentpc

    Dmx to Artnet?

    Is it possible to go from DMX to Artnet? I have heard that nodes go both ways but I'm not entirely sure. This is for a home theater that runs off of Artnet and I would like to be able to output DMX from a basic DMX controller or PC software that has a DMX dongle like ETC Eos nomad. Any help...
  13. osimidi

    New Control midi for Avolites Titan One

    a very cheap solution is Avolites Titan One + Osimidi Control a demonstration and configuration video: videos:
  14. Joel Engelhardt

    Using Martin M-PC with ANY USB-DMX interface - Cheap!

    Hey guys! So as you know, DMX control has gotten extremely inexpensive, especially using cheap (yet in my opinion generally reliable) USB-to-DMX interfaces sold online. An example of such interfaces is this one, which you could buy right now for $16.81. While these solutions are certainly not...
  15. Raiden38

    Simple Artnet Video Player

    Hi.I run a show, and I have maybe 10 video to play. Those are "simple" video, no overlay, layers etc etc. I click play, and when it's over, the show continue.I have all the sound / lightning / video to do myself so I am trying to simplify things. I was hoping to find a solution where I can...