audac education platform

  1. Kyla Werrett

    Expand Your Possibilities with AUDAC TOUCH™ 2

    Your all-in-one hub for your AUDAC installationsNorth America, December 9, 2020 – A.C. ProMedia, alongside AUDAC is excited to tell you that a new AUDAC Touch™ update has arrived! And oh boy did AUDAC pack a lot of new features into it. Several changes were made to make your audio experience...
  2. Kyla Werrett

    AUDAC Offers Innovative Sound Training Certificates

    Worldwide, May 27, 2020 – Recently it was announced that AUDAC launched a brand-new education platform. Did you know that this platform allows you to earn an Innovative Sound Training Certificate?With the launch of the brand new AUDAC Education Platform, AUDAC is introducing exciting new ways...
  3. Kyla Werrett

    Introduction to Ease Focus, hosted by AUDAC and A.C. ProMedia

    A.C. ProMedia is pleased to partner with AUDAC to offer you online training sessions to keep you up to date on the products and technologies available through AUDAC.As a brand, AUDAC is committed to supporting you in the best way possible to create unforgettable AV experiences across the...