audac touch 2

  1. Kyla Werrett

    AUDAC Touch 2, Version 2.7 Now Available

    Download the AUDAC Touch 2 App Today North America, February 16, 2022 – Belgian pro audio manufacturer AUDAC has released the 2.7 update of its already renowned AUDAC Touch™ app. AUDAC strongly believes in out of your pocket controllable audio solutions. With the Touch™ app, you can control your...
  2. Kyla Werrett

    Expand Your Possibilities with AUDAC TOUCH™ 2

    Your all-in-one hub for your AUDAC installationsNorth America, December 9, 2020 – A.C. ProMedia, alongside AUDAC is excited to tell you that a new AUDAC Touch™ update has arrived! And oh boy did AUDAC pack a lot of new features into it. Several changes were made to make your audio experience...