audio output

  1. Stevens R. Miller

    What Connector Is This?

    On the back of an audio output device, I see a pair of female RCA connectors. Next to them are, in a single green plastic block, two sets of three pins. I am guessing (and I am only guessing) these are balanced-line outputs. But my Google-fu cannot find anything that looks like them, much less...
  2. D

    Patching USB Audio Out in QLab

    Hi everyone,Not a QLab user, have a bit of a weird issue going on, would love any ideas/feedback.I have a PreSonus Audiobox iTwo that I am trying to set up as an audio out for QLab (v 2.3.9). It is attached from a USB out on the Mac (OSX 10.5.8 / 2 GHz PowerPC G5 / 2 GB DDR SDRAM) to the USB...