1. Kyla Werrett

    AUDAC Announces Spherical Hanging Sound Projector

    ASP20 now available in North AmericaNorth America, June 16, 2021 – Belgian pro audio manufacturer AUDAC is pleased to announce the availability of the new ASP20 line-up in North America. The ASP series are high-efficiency sound projectors designed to provide good speech intelligibility and...
  2. shaggy9531

    What are these and how do I make them work?

    I recently acquired what seem to be 2 lights that may blink or dance to music and I cant find anything on line about them. They are aprox. 4' high with florescent light cover and 4 knobs power on/off, frequency, bass, and treble. It says it was made by "Curtis Electro" and the only other words...
  3. ConcreteBase

    No-beep solution for 24/7 audio speakers

    Hello; I have an artwork to be presented in a long exhibition; we want to put small audio players into concrete; they will be connected by wires and should run 24/7 on loop; bluetooth speakers work fine but we're afraid that the electricity will stop connecting; we don't mind if the speakers...
  4. Chefboyardiaz

    Hey y’all

    Hello everyone!My name is Alex, I’m located in the Metro Detroit area, and I’ve used ControlBooth as a resource for a while, thanks to an old boss of mine that introduced me to this (who I believe I’ve seen posting already, hi @cbrandt !) Although I’m currently furloughed due to Covid, I...
  5. Kyla Werrett

    A.C. ProMedia and AUDAC to Participate in InfoComm Connected

    Join A.C. ProMedia as they introduce AUDAC to the North American Market North America, June 9, 2020 – A.C. ProMedia, distributor of state-of-the-art a/v products and technologies is excited to be introducing AUDAC to the North American market during InfoComm Connected 2020.During the event...
  6. Kyla Werrett

    AUDAC Offers Innovative Sound Training Certificates

    Worldwide, May 27, 2020 – Recently it was announced that AUDAC launched a brand-new education platform. Did you know that this platform allows you to earn an Innovative Sound Training Certificate?With the launch of the brand new AUDAC Education Platform, AUDAC is introducing exciting new ways...
  7. Kyla Werrett

    Create detailed acoustic simulations with EASE Focus

    AUDAC provides an Educational Platform including live WebinarsNorth America, May 20, 2020 – A.C. ProMedia is pleased to partner with AUDAC to offer you online training sessions to keep you up to date on the products and technologies available through AUDAC.As a brand, AUDAC is committed to...
  8. 'thaniel

    Shure - Workflow Series for Pro Audio: Battery Management and Workflow

    Take a deep dive into the Shure rechargeable battery ecosystem. In today’s world, we find ourselves migrating our workflow from disposable alkaline cells to newer, more efficient, eco-friendly rechargeable batteries. We’ll cover Shure’s offerings available for Axient Digital, ULX-D, QLX-D, PSM...
  9. K

    Immersive Audio with Sennheiser

    Take a look at the current product, and tools, that Sennheiser has to create Immersive audio. From our legacy KU100 from Neumann, to the AMBEO VR Mic for 360 degree audio capture.Register here:
  10. dvsDave

    USITT - Forum@4 - Current Practices and Research in Sound

    Webinar description: A series of presentations investigating the artistry, craft, and technology of sound, each of which is supported with a peer-reviewed paper that will be published after the conference. Presented papers will include: Sounds from a Dream Place: Selective Listening and...
  11. Painterspoon

    Economical solution to double my body mics?

    I'm directing a production of Les Mis at my high school starting in February, and our current system is a 16-channel Allen and Heath board that we connect to our 13 Sennheiser body mic packs. Our snake has 16 XLR cords. So there go 13 of our 16 channels right off the top. I have been through the...
  12. Pip

    Dante certification

    Hey all!! I wanted to accomplish a couple things with this post.Firstly, I’d like to pat myself on the back and brag about my completion of the Dante Certification Level 3 by Audinate. That was fun!Secondly, I’d like to offer that if anyone wants to discuss Dante networking, I’d be...
  13. NickVon

    Storage Wars Sound Locker

    Not really storage wars. A friend who buys storage lockers on the side of working in theater recently purchased a 10x10 locker with a bunch of gear in it.This link is the link to the craigslist ad, where you can also get in contact with them...
  14. K

    Manual for IRP Micro Audio EQ Pod 1.0CQ?

    I'm trying to help out a school that has an IRP Micro Audio EQ Pod 1.0CQ programmable equilizer in its sound path - and they have no manual. Usually I can find manuals online, but no joy with this one.Does anyone out there happen to have a PDF for this beast so I can try to figure out why the...
  15. C

    Microphones Sennheiser MZ 2-2 Supplier?

    Hi all,I'm working with a decent inventory (~30+) of Sennheiser MKE-2's this summer, however the company has lost most all of the original caps for the elements. I'd like to have caps as it is an outdoor production and I want all the "sweat-out" protection and wind suppression I can get before...
  16. soundtech193746

    Installs Best rack for 6 wireless microphones?

    In the upcoming month, we are purchasing 6 additional microphones (AudioTechnica 3000s). What is the best rack i can get for these that has locking functionality? It needs to be big enough to hold the 6 wireless receivers and a rack drawer for storing the transmitters and other miscellaneous...
  17. Haydenk

    Sound cabinet keys

    I volunteer at the local high school teaching tech to the kids and helping with everything technical during the productions.We recently got a new cabinet for equipment and I noticed that all of the other sound cabinets in the school are all keyed alike even though they have come from different...
  18. B

    Job Posting- Theater Tech- Northern CA

    City of Tracy's Grand Theatre for the Arts is looking for a P/T Theater Tech. Knowledge in audio/lighting a mustPlease City of Tracy website for more info POSITION:Under general direction of the Technical Theater...
  19. gafftaper

    Special Screwdriver for Sennheiser Beltpack Repair

    Does anyone know what the special screwdriver is called that you use to screw the Mic Jack in tight on a Sennheiser SK100G3 beltpack? It goes over the top of the jack and catches the two slots in the ring on the outside? I want to purchase one.
  20. J

    Line Array Rotation Issues

    I am having 2 small line arrays installed soon. The contractor is concerned about the arrays rotating as the hoists go up. I recall seeing audio riggers tying a line back to the hoist to prevent rotation but since i was not on the audio crew at the time, I don't recall what the actual method...