1. E

    First pro console choice

    Hi all,I've been learning on a Lightshark, and while it was fun, I've been hitting its limits and feel like it's time to upgrade to a "real" console, in particular as we're finally getting a pile of moving heads at our venue.I was looking at picking up a Ma dot2 XLF until the availability...
  2. S

    3D Visualizer (Capture, Wysiwyg, LD Assistant)

    I am looking to use a different visualizer. I used to use Martin Show Designer but I can't stand it anymore. I have been looking a Wysiwig ,LD Assistant, and Capture mainly because of their capabilities to do the special effects. I work heavily with special effects on top of my lighting so that...
  3. osimidi

    New Control midi for Avolites Titan One

    a very cheap solution is Avolites Titan One + Osimidi Control a demonstration and configuration video:https://youtu.be/7z5NwGEUhbcdemo videos:https://youtu.be/ONgI1E6jZ9Y https://youtu.be/2r_41RICq7YCheers.