1. bdauterive

    Design and build of the Lion King Jr. Sun

    Recently I was given the task of designing and building the sun for the Lion King. Please come take a look at my blog on it and tell me what you think.
  2. C

    Gloves for Flying?

    I am trying to find decent gloves for rope work, i.e. fly rail work, that won't break down too fast or wear through. Has anyone used a pair that they have found that are good? Looking for a couple pairs.
  3. N

    Design Run Light Color- Blue or Red?

    Quick question here.I am helping design a play that opens in a couple weeks, and was wondering what the difference is between red and blue run light backstage. For this show, the audience is seated onstage, the SR and SL wings are masked with walls for the set. The audience will however be...