1. Jordan Street

    Design Issues and Solutions Lee 600 Arctic White and other newer Lee Designer Series colors.

    I've been LD and TD for an annual children's dance production of a Nutcracker variation for 10 years now. I haven't really changed the color from my original design but a lot of it is starting to burn out. I was initially just going to replace the color but decided I wanted to lighten up the key...
  2. L

    How are Lighting Designers for Ballet Hired?

    I am interested in working with dance productions, but am unsure how to go about it. Do dance companies employ lighting designers or are they contracted through a production company? Is it more like concert lighting where the light board operator, designer, and electrician are the same person...
  3. Tim Ardner

    Light Design for Nutcracker

    I have a light plot for a Nutcracker production. I was wondering if there are any other low budget suggestions to improve the plot. I apologize for it not being to scale, but I can't get into the venue until setup/ rehearsal day. Everything is owned by the venue except for the par64s on the 3rd...