1. S

    Concealing a Speaker in a Vinyl Record player

    Hi all, first time poster long time listener.I was hoping someone might have some advise on the best way to conceal a small speaker in a record player.This is an element that will be on wheels so it has to be wireless. So I already know I'm going to have to use batteries and an in ears...
  2. E

    Design Need Advice Creating Battery Operated Candelabras

    Hello, I'm a student lighting designer and I am currently designing the lights for a production that needs 4 candelabras that are brought on and off stage by actors that are battery powered and have a switch for the flames to turn on. The current set up is using 4 chandeliers that have 5 bulb...
  3. S

    Battery-operated lamp?

    I'm looking for a light source for a lamp that needs to be battery-powered and bright enough to look like an Edison bulb. And I need eight of them. What are your recommendations?
  4. tdtastic

    Belt Pack Battery price

    Need to get my hands on several BP-800-NM's as soon as possible. B&H has them for $121...
  5. Chase P.

    Control/Dimming Elation Magic 260 crash

    A couple years ago, I had a problem with an Elation Magic 260, and was frustrated by what turned out to be the fix. I thought I'd put the story here so that other poor saps might have a chance of running across it while searching the Google.First, not the console I would have chosen, but it...
  6. M

    Genie Battery Chargers

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any Recommendations for replacement Battery Chargers for a Genie AWP-25S? My Battery Charger crapped out on me and Grainger sells the same model for $480. that is a ridiculous price. It is out of warranty and want to know if any one had the same issues and...
  7. soundofsparks

    Control/Dimming Dimming a Power Inverter

    I have a question that I believe I know the answer to, but thought I would crowd source it in case I'm wrong.I have a prop that wants to move around the stage and be covered in Christmas Lights. I had looked at using LED 12VDC Christmas Lights on an RC4 Magic and 12VDC battery so that I can at...
  8. G

    Using 12V car battery to power converter?

    Hi all,I have a Black Magic SDI to Fiber converter for a camera run and I'd like to power it off a small 12V 7AH battery. Will this work well and for how long would you suppose?As the battery loses juice, will the voltage drop below 12V to a point where it would harm the Black Magic?Thanks