1. K

    Mixers/Consoles Midas DL32 Automatic Mute All Issue

    Hello!New to the forum here. Have had ZERO luck tracking down an answer with MIDAS support or on their forums so I'm hoping that someone here has run in to the same problem I'm having.Church I work for has an M32 at FOH and an X32 for backstage monitor, both running AES to the DL32. From our...
  2. Blake Alley

    Digital Surfaces X32 Firmware 4.02 Crackling Issue

    Hi everyone. I recently updated my X32 to firmware version 4.02 mainly for the individually assignable user inputs and somehow it gave the board an interesting issue with the sound output from it.No matter if I'm listening from the main LR out or through headphones, everything sounds very...
  3. A

    Mixers/Consoles Board Audio to Camcorder

    I'm trying to run just pastor vocals from board to Camcorder. Going to try to build mix in mixbus 5 routed to output 5 to run xlr to camera. What confuses me at this point is the routing for this. Do I go into routing in the Out 1-16 section to set this up? Or do I route mixbux 5 to an actual...
  4. L

    Mixers/Consoles I want to practice mixing with my Behringer X32. How do I do this?

    Recently we bought a Behringer X32 Console which, in the future, will be used to mix live sound. I wanted to get some practice in and test some things out but I don't know how. What I want is to get some tracks in the mixer (from a PC?).I tried connecting a PC over USB with the interface on...
  5. DannyDepac

    Behringer x32 and direct out to Camcorder

    Hey - another X32 question.I'm trying to record our musical performance and I want to use a direct out from the board to our camera.I have tried a few times over the past few days and have found that I am getting only the lead's mic which is on our first channel. I know it is probably a...
  6. kevinatblinn

    XAir Scribble Strip

    I am in my second day, and maybe third hour, of using the XAir 18. So far, I've only used the PC-Edit, but tomorrow I'll be using the Android app for mixing soon.I've watched quite a few of the Youtube videos, but they seem to skip over labeling the channels with names and colors. How do I...