1. Dionysus

    Wireless Q5X Incognito Beltpacks

    So my "Project Manager" (he used to be TD but we restructured and gave him a promotion) has been sound designer for my current production of Cabaret and brought in these tiny little beltpack transmitters that have really made me happy.The Q5X QT-5100 "Incognito" is without a doubt the smallest...
  2. Diana Mullis

    Thanks for the invite

    Dave dropped by the booth at LDI and extended an invitation to join Control Booth and I'm happy to have done so. Interesting threads. Looking forward to reading more. I own Pro Intercom LLC, the 'rebirth' of Production Intercom, and am grateful for the feedback and support we have received...
  3. jtweigandt

    Low Cost Stage comm using Raspberry pi

    I have posted 2 documents in the resources section.1. Picomm document. Has instructions and link to download a pre configured raspberry pi image to act as a full duplex communications backbone, via wifi or ethernet stations/ clients can be cell phones running app, additional...