1. J

    EDI Bijou Hand-Held Remote

    After going through the old storage room at my theater I found what I believe is an EDI Bijou Hand-Held Remote w/ 4 pin XLR. We replaced our Bijou with an Element a few years back (Long story...) but we still have the EDI MX Dimmer racks and TSC control stations (for our house light controls)...
  2. Rose03

    An Onion of EDI Bijou Questions

    I noticed an ethernet port on the back of my EDI Bijou Plus, what is it for?
  3. Rose03

    EDI Bijou Plus LCD Broken

    Hi, I recently found and EDI Bijou plus moving light console on the side of the road. The other day it began behaving oddly. The lcd display above the keypad has started randomly displaying odd characters. Restarting the desk does not fix the problem, nor does a deep clear. Does anyone have an...
  4. B

    Bijou console

    Goodmorning fanatics.I am a volunteer technical director for a church/school.The school we work with has a well aged Bijou lighting console that has decided to act up. After about an hour, but before four hours of use, the console will blackout the attached vga monitor, drop the current dmx...