black box

  1. Prod_Coordinator_Monkey

    What price, Marley?

    I just got hired as the Production Coordinator at a small 2 venue performing arts center after being pandemic-out-of-work for over 8 months. Yay!Limited storage space for stuff, limited budget, you know the story.The performing arts center addition that includes the spaces I'm responsible...
  2. Christopher Bernardi

    Temporary Dead Hanging

    So I'm putting together plans for the scenery of a show called Constellations, and I really want to use dead hung mirrors all over the space to further cement my interpretation of the multiverse theory, but since the space is used as a classroom during the day, I need to figure out a way to rig...
  3. jcslighting

    Looking to Rent Portable Seating Risers and possibly seats

    I wasn't sure where to post this but here goes...We are doing a production at a local high school in Northern Kentucky - very close to Cincinnati, OH and we are looking to place the audience on the stage of a proscenium theatre and use the stage space like a black box. In order to safely...
  4. nlandis

    Design Black Box Rep Plot

    I'm in the process of creating a rep plot for a recently-built black box space that seats roughly 150 and has a stage that is 47' wide (in reality, about 40' of usable space when legs are in place) and 26' deep. The space is equipped with a tension grid system and pipe grid above, so there are...
  5. sheamorgan

    Painting a Black Box Theater Ceiling

    Is it possible to paint fiberglass ceiling tiles?I'm a high school senior doing some renovation for my school's black box theater as my community service project. It's a converted classroom, and still has white classroom ceiling tiles. Instead of buying all new black tiles, my teacher would...