1. K

    Making a Floor that I Can't Paint Black

    Hey everyone! Thanks so much in advance for reading and your help. I am working on a student (University) production and we are trying to make the floor of this production black. The floor is a trapezoid that is approx 40x30 ft at its largest and 40x20 ft at its smallest. It's a problem that...
  2. Rose03

    Brown and Black Altman

    I have a brown altman 3.5q but I've noticed that the ones that are sold new on the altman website are black. Why?
  3. tdtastic

    High-Shine black flooring

    Many shows (like Phantom) have a high-shine, almost mirrored, black floor. You see this on a lot of TV specials and game show sets as well. What is this building material called and where can you get it? I used to know the name but forget. It comes in standard sized panels, Im guessing...
  4. S

    Multiple Projectors v. One Projector

    Thoughts on using multiple projectors to achieve a certain level of lumens, versus one projector? Projector A - 7k, lower contrast ration Projector B - 12k+, higher contract ratio If I we're to overlay multiples of the 7k, would I actually achieve an equal or great lumen brightness? Would the...