1. Jay Ashworth

    We have a deck paint problem...

    Our stage deck is the usual 1/4 masonite, or something very close, and we've settled, over the 8 years I've been here, on Behr Premium Plus Exterior Base 4300, which we paint-over every year or two, depending on how bad it gets bunged up. We usually manage to schedule it so it gets an entire...
  2. JD

    Automated Fixtures Chauvet Finish turned Sticky!

    Store equipment for a while and you find new issues! In this case, I am having an issue with the black mat finish on my Chauvet fixtures. This may not be brand specific, but it has me scratching my head. It appears whatever was used to give the black plastic parts a mat finish has degenerated...
  3. K

    Making a Floor that I Can't Paint Black

    Hey everyone! Thanks so much in advance for reading and your help.I am working on a student (University) production and we are trying to make the floor of this production black. The floor is a trapezoid that is approx 40x30 ft at its largest and 40x20 ft at its smallest. It's a problem that...
  4. Rose03

    Brown and Black Altman

    I have a brown altman 3.5q but I've noticed that the ones that are sold new on the altman website are black. Why?
  5. tdtastic

    High-Shine black flooring

    Many shows (like Phantom) have a high-shine, almost mirrored, black floor. You see this on a lot of TV specials and game show sets as well. What is this building material called and where can you get it? I used to know the name but forget. It comes in standard sized panels, Im guessing...
  6. S

    Multiple Projectors v. One Projector

    Thoughts on using multiple projectors to achieve a certain level of lumens, versus one projector?Projector A - 7k, lower contrast ration Projector B - 12k+, higher contract ratioIf I we're to overlay multiples of the 7k, would I actually achieve an equal or great lumen brightness? Would the...