1. tymckz

    Opinions on Chauvet, Blizzard, and ADJ for theatre playhouse

    Hey Hi I'm opening a new theatre in SF. I've been using Chavet ParQuad 18's in my other theatre. They're great. My budget is kind of tight and I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on longevity and quality between the Chavet ParQuad 18, the ADJ 18PHEX (or any comparable ADJ fixtures) and these...
  2. barrigan

    Automated Fixtures Blizzard Stilletto Z6 "Blinking" problem

    Hey, anyone have any luck fixing a "blinking" problem with a Blizzard Stilletto Z6? It seems that whenever I'm using the color mix to make something with red in it, the fixture will either completely blink or just tremble without any way of predicting how long or when it will change the...
  3. Aaron Peavey

    Control/Dimming LED lights flicker randomly when used in an effect: ETC CS Console

    The show i am providing lighting for calls for 6 LB Par Hex fixtures from Blizzard Lighting for color above the stage. I am controlling them all separately on an ETC Colorsource console. When I run the rainbow effect with any speed and a fan of about 30, some of the lights will flicker off...