1. C

    Console Recommendation for High School + Theatre Academy?

    Hello, ControlBooth:I am the president of the Lighting Crew at my high school, and I have been tasked with recommending a new light board to be purchased for the auditorium. Besides the many functions which the auditorium serves the community (plays, concerts, presentations, etc.), my school...
  2. DannyDepac

    New lighting board / console / desk suggestions?

    Hi Everyone,I work at a HS and we have a Philips Strand Preset Palette II 32/64 that has had trouble booting reliably for a couple of years now. I spoke with a servicer of Philips and he stated it would be pretty expensive to service and that it would be worth it to look at new boards.I...
  3. E

    Lighting board Operator

    Hi all, I work for River Pointe Church in Richmond TX and we're looking for a lighting designer who has experience. It can be theatre, concert, or any other venue in which you either programmed, and/or ran lights.This is a paid position. We would only need you for the weekend, and could...
  4. Keegand

    MagicQ and Strand Lighting Mx

    My school has an old Strand Lighting Mx board. I was wondering if we could use MagicQ the program to control it over midi, and then over mobile?