body mics

  1. F

    Countryman B3's for sale, new.

    We have upgraded our sound system with SHURE wireless mics now, and so I have (8) of these Countryman B3's up for sale that have Sennheiser connections. They are new and have not been used. I am asking $100 per mic. or $600 for all 8 of them.
  2. Painterspoon

    Economical solution to double my body mics?

    I'm directing a production of Les Mis at my high school starting in February, and our current system is a 16-channel Allen and Heath board that we connect to our 13 Sennheiser body mic packs. Our snake has 16 XLR cords. So there go 13 of our 16 channels right off the top. I have been through the...
  3. Darin

    Head "Wire" for lav mics

    Hi all,I have 8 Shure body mics and belt packs. In the past, we have run the wire up our actors' necks, over their ears, and taped them around their cheek bone.I know that some mics are on a stiff wire type accessory. Are these only available pre-made, or are there companies that will sell...
  4. G

    Shure Body Mics

    I am working with my school to purchase some body mics for future events. The school came back with the Shure ULXS 14/85 or the Shure ULXS 124/85-J1.Does anyone have experience with the 14/85 body mics? If so, what are your reviews?