1. Stuart R

    Need to buy or build a rolling "tech booth"

    Greetings all -Scene: School "cafetorium" with no booth, and no ability build/install anything permanent (i.e. it's a working cafeteria!)Need: A rolling "tech booth" that can accommodate our lighting and sound ops and their equipment. I'm imagining a table on locking casters, with 50% of the...
  2. soundtech193746

    Booth Organization Ideas?

    I am working in a complety dis organized lighting and sound booth. Sound was somewhat organized but I'm not sure how to organize. Can you guys help??Here's the stuff in the cabinets CD/s (Obsolete for our sound system now) Tapes (Definitely obsolete) Safety Cable Chain Gaff Tape Duct Tape...
  3. B

    Organizing control booths

    I'm the new lighting tech at my school and the booth is a absolute mess. It needs to complete reorganized and I'm not sure where to start. Does anyone have any ideas