1. Chris James

    Hello/Chauvet Haze blwr?

    Brief intro; I'm a budget minded musician in a few bands that also runs sound for other bands and getting into DMX lighting.With that said, I have a pair of old Chauvet Ultimate HZ hazers a fellow musician gave me (because someone put the wrong juice in a water based hazer!). They had been...
  2. A

    Speaker Sounding Muddy

    Hello I recently suspended some JBL EON 612 Powered speakers as part of a sound setup for an event I'm doing... And the problem that I'm running into is that they sound god awful... They never used to sound this bad, extremely muddy. They only thing I could think of that could've cause this is...
  3. F

    Automated Fixtures Dmx input not working

    Hello everyone, I bought some used SGM Idea Spot 575's some time ago, but the DMX input stopped working on one of them. Now, I've already checked the wires through, and nothing seems to have blown up on the two control PCB's, so I'm rather clueless as to what would have caused this. Before it...
  4. TheTheaterGeek

    Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D Issues

    We have a Chauvet Hurricane 2D and it crap itself earlier this week.When plugged in, Fan turns on at full but display does not work, Buttons dont change anything, nor does dmx.Any ideas?Clay
  5. ChristopherRobinJ

    Cloud lights not working..

    The other day, I was helping my lighting director fix some S4 PAR's that were not working on the clouds we have. However, as we searched for the cloud lights on our board, we discovered that none of them would turn on... We did a full channel and dimmer check. went through our saved shows, and...