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    Building a stage with minimal supports

    Hey,We are trying to build a stage that we can use to store a piece underneath. It will go in our black box and be about 2.5 feet tall. Here is the challenging part, there needs to be a 12' x 12' unobstructed area underneath for storage of a piece that cannot be taken apart. The goal is to...
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    Theatre Facility Design Software

    I wasn't sure which forum to post this question in...I am in search of a 3-d software package to design a new Fine/Performing Arts Center for our school.I am not a professional architect. I am familiar enough with Vectorworks to put together the basics for scenic construction but that...
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    Building a Safe Stage Extension

    At the High school where I work we had a stage extension that was built a number of years ago by a scenic designer that extends our stage 10' at the widest point out in a semi circle. We take it out a few times a year, but in general the directors like to use it for their shows.I would like to...