1. T

    Night Vision Camera for SM

    I am looking to get a decent camera mounted in our theater for our SM to have a view of the stage during black outs. We currently run a full digital/network video distribution system do I want to stay away from something that only generates an analog signal. We currently operate solely over NDI...
  2. W

    PTZ Camera for theater setting

    Has anyone come across a decent PTZ camera and desk that works in a theater setting? Something with an adjustable exposure? It would be used for a live shot in a show so it needs to be at least 720p.
  3. B

    Wifi camera through Resolume

    Hi!I work in a theater and in the show we are about to perform, we need a camera which will hold it an actor and it will be in the audience like a journalist who takes interview. The challenge is that, the camera must be wireless because the actor has to be free to move around the audience...
  4. DannyDepac

    Microphones Using a camera lav transmitter for stage mic? Sennheiser

    Hi GuysI was randomly given two Sennheiser eW100 G2 mic packs without the receiver. The person who gave them to me claims their friend gave them to them and they have no background info on them.I thought it was two mic packs but then I started to look and realized one doesn't have a mute...
  5. Joe Allen

    Live wireless cameras.

    Hello all We are a youth company looking to put on a Theatre Production, and as part of our show, we would like 4 of the cast to wear a camera, and have that projected/shown live on screens at the back. Would this be possible? It would need to be wireless from the Camera's to a mixer, but from...
  6. D

    Conductor Monitor and Latency with Digital

    I'll start by acknowledging that there are a lot of scattered threads on this topic. I've been doing a lot of searching here an other places on this topic, and a lot of what I find is several years old or doesn't have much specific info. Most of it points to CRT TV's and analog cameras. While...
  7. E

    What do you Shoot With?

    I am looking at purchasing a decent DSLR for our company. I work for an AV/Theatre events company, so we do everything from installing systems in theatres, churches ect, to corporate events, fashion shows, parties ect.I am wondering what people are using to shoot in lowlight situations, or...
  8. T

    DIY orbiting camera rig

    Hello, I'm new here. Happy new year!! I have been reading some threads on the forum and there is alot of good information and advice so I decided to post here for information. I hope this is the right place.I want to make a diy version of Orcavue's orbiting camera rig. You can see their...
  9. T

    Best Camcorder for Archival Footage in Low Light

    I'm looking for suggestions for camcorders that do well with recording in low light/theatrical stage lighting. I'm hoping to find one that will not blur or white out the screen during lighting shifts or spot lit actors. Does anyone use a camcorder to record their shows or have any suggestions...
  10. G

    Using 12V car battery to power converter?

    Hi all,I have a Black Magic SDI to Fiber converter for a camera run and I'd like to power it off a small 12V 7AH battery. Will this work well and for how long would you suppose?As the battery loses juice, will the voltage drop below 12V to a point where it would harm the Black Magic?Thanks
  11. SteveMcQueen

    Camera to Archive Performances/Monitor

    Hello everyoneNot sure if there goes here. I'm a freelance sound designer and am working with a few different companies. All of the companies I work for film a performance or 2 for their own archival purposes. I don't like how they film it though for my purposes. I'm looking to start a...