1. R

    Royal Winnipeg Ballet; New IA Carpenter. . .

    Per an IA notice received this morning (July 25th, 2019) Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet is soliciting resumes and applications for a new Master Carpenter. If you're IA, you should have little difficulty learning further details regarding education, experience and qualifications they're...
  2. Stoickthelesser

    Triscuit theorycrafting

    I'm trying to wrap my head around some finer details of the physics of stressed skin.Do both plywood skins have to be the same thickness? It feels like they should, because the skins having different deflection strengths would seem to undermine the strength of the construction, but would I...
  3. Kyle Wurtz

    Electrician's and Carpenter's Gloves

    Hi everyone!This my first time posting so bear with me. I'm a college freshmen lighting designer who had been working in theatre since freshmen year high school. But now that I'm freelancing over the summer I'm starting to buy a lot of my own gear to take to load-ins and things of the like...
  4. bdauterive

    Design and build of the Lion King Jr. Sun

    Recently I was given the task of designing and building the sun for the Lion King. Please come take a look at my blog on it and tell me what you think.
  5. M

    Forcing lauan into controlled warp

    I'm looking to create a vertical hard drop made of strips of lauan. Lots of 6'-8' long strips hung vertically, looking sort of like a deck. Id like to sidelight the panel, and am looking for some character and texture. I'll likely shoot the whole thing with drywall mud texture before painting...