1. Bgarrett74

    Suggestion on Projector gear

    Hello, I am putting together a package of projectors for our theater department. We are purchasing the Panasonic PT-RS11 laser projectors. We will be mounting these projectors to truss and in some cases batons. The projectors are fairly new and I am having trouble finding cases, mounts, cables...
  2. M

    Applied Electronics XL16 case or bag

    What do you use to protect your XL16 lift when transporting it in the truck? I am about to purchase a large expansion to my company's rig and want to get the job done right. Please point me in the right direct! thanks! -Miles R
  3. R

    Protecting an ETC RVI

    Hi all,I was wondering what your thoughts on getting a rack case for an RVI are. Is it a good idea or is it a waste of money? Or would it make more sense to purchase a foam filled case that it sits in until it is needed, when it then sits on a table for the LD.Thanks, J