1. R

    Loudspeakers Speakers on castors?

    Since my hobby has been lighting I have not had much do to with sound for most of my life (other than listening and basic setup) I am not exactly sure about this. The theatre we are renovating is both a movie and a live production venue. We recently installed a new surround sound system for...
  2. GamerGuin

    Outdoor Wagons and Triangle Platforms?

    Oh LORD what have I gotten myself into... HELP! I've was a scene designer and PAC manager for various theaters for around a decade or so, but for the past couple of years I've been more or less "retired."My sister asked if I could help build a few "props" for my nieces HS marching band...
  3. N

    Mechanics of pivoting walls

    Hi there! I'm designing a set where I'd like certain walls to pivot and I could use some advise.The idea is to have four walls making a cross, with the downstage 2 turning about 180 degrees each, and the upstage two stationary and braced/bolted into the stage behind. My thought of how to do...