1. M

    Seeking suggestions for Cat5/6 for DMX patch cables

    My theatre is upgrading all of our lekos to Source 4WRD units, which carry DMX over RJ45 ports (No 5 pin DMX connectors). I'm looking for the best option for the 150 or so patch cables that we will need. I really want to buy patch cables that are flexible and durable without reaching into...
  2. A

    CAT6 "kinks"

    Hello, I am using a HDMI over cat5 extender for my stage monitors... I recently got a massive coil of high quality CAT6 for free and I intend to use it, however there are some very bad kinks in it. Have kinks affected performance or functionality for anyone using a cat5 type extension? I've...
  3. StephIsabel

    Running Cat5 directly into Ion

    Hi all,I have a very low-end LED controller with Cat5 ports that I am trying to run directly into an ETC Ion. I can't seem to make the light board see the controller, although the controller claims it can go directly into any DMX control system. I have tried all of the deep settings in the...