1. A

    CD80 Supervisor Panic Mode Active

    Hi all, We have a CD80 Supervisor and we think that we had some sort of influx of power to make it go into panic mode. All of our dimmers are at full and we cannot control anything. However, we don't know how to get it out. Anyone have any advice? Thanks
  2. J

    Upgrading 35 year old Strand AMX192 system

    Thanks for letting me join this group! I work at a small HS with an app. 500 seat auditorium. The lighting system is about 35 years old and in need of improvement. I am not a lighting specialist, just a music teacher helping out. We have a Strand AMX192 system with an assortment of...
  3. Van

    Control/Dimming Need help diagnosing an issue with CD80 rack, Processor, and Strand auxiliary panel.

    Sorry for the long title. Here's the deal: Our company sent a couple of CD80 rack processors in for repair, our main Dimming and control guy was going out of town and knowing I had a background as a field tech for Dimming and control, he asked that I do the re-installation. I went by the school...
  4. EdSavoie

    CD80-AE and Dimmable LEDs

    We have this Bulletproof CD80 Advanced Electronics Rack filled with the 2.4KW modules, and life is just dandy. Travel to a few years ago and part of an "eco friendly" initiative has our house lights replaced with LEDs. I'm sure most of you can see where this is going now, but the LEDs aren't...