1. M

    Express channels, DMX, and strobes

    Hey all! Couple questions from a relative newbie. ETC Express Board. I can only add channels up to 125, so guess that means I have the Express 125(?). Does that mean I am limited to 125 dmx addresses, less my 48 dimmers? If that’s the case, does that also mean I do not have access to the...
  2. dbaxter

    FS: Presonus 16.4.2

    Just upgraded to an X32 and our Presonus 16.4.2 is available for pickup in Rochester, NY $600. Sorry, I'd rather not do shipping at that price. Picture here. Contact Blackfriars Theatre 585-454-1260
  3. Tapodhan

    Getting clear signals to 24 ULX Ps and Ss

    At our school in Wellesley MA we are running 12 ULX Ps and 12 ULX Ss. through 6 UA844s. The receivers are approx 75 feet from the stage. Due to the reduced number of groups and channels now available it is proving almost impossible to get even 10 uncompromised signals. I have tried Shure's...
  4. SouthTownProd

    I'm needing a little help with lighting configurations

    I recently decided to get the ADJ Wifly RGBW8C Wireless Controller and i was going to use my chauvet lights (slimpar 56's and colorpallete) with the board as a backup in case my laptop doesn't work. I hooked everything up like i did with my other board (ex. light to wifly adapter), but i noticed...