1. Matt Davidson

    Automated Fixtures Used R2 vs RX1

    I know the R2's are brighter but I'm not sure how many hours are on the used batch I'm looking at. From what I've read both lights are well regarded and people that purchase them are usually very happy.I guess my question is should I risk the condition of the R2's and possible hours on them...
  2. jakob223

    Automated Fixtures Rogue R2 Spots - miscalbrating gobo wheel?

    Hi,I have 2 Rogue R2 spots, and one of them keeps having its gobo wheel become miscalibrated during a show.There are 2 things I can think of that might be causing problems, but I can't figure how they cause this in particular: - I've had them plugged in for a long time and we're not...
  3. Robert Rivera

    Automated Fixtures Address Chauvet Rogue Fixtures

    I have 12 Chauvet rogue 2 spots and 12 r2 washes. I have two dmx universes in my etc ion but these fixtures only address up to one universe (512). What can I do to address these past 512.