1. K

    Making a Floor that I Can't Paint Black

    Hey everyone! Thanks so much in advance for reading and your help.I am working on a student (University) production and we are trying to make the floor of this production black. The floor is a trapezoid that is approx 40x30 ft at its largest and 40x20 ft at its smallest. It's a problem that...
  2. JD

    Conventional Fixtures LED PAR for $9 ???

    Ok, from my viewpoint I could not even conceive of pushing a power cord through a grommet, provide free shipping, and be able to do it for $9. So, curiosity has got the best of me about these Chinese DMX LED PARs selling for $9, or specifically four of them for around $37 shipping inclusive...
  3. Chase P.

    Advice on Orchestra Lighting needed

    Greetings all!So I need some advice on new lighting for a month long (mostly) orchestral festival in a tent.(TL;DR Color correct RGB pars or purchase LED "crowd blinders"? See full details below)When I took over the event, they had:-A 40'wide by 36' deep stage (black gloss StageRight...
  4. Bubby4j

    Small Amplifier with Balanced Inputs

    I've been assigned the task of setting up a tiny audio system in a room of our church for playing music for games (think musical chairs) and 1 wired microphone.We already have the speakers and microphone, and I've picked out a small mixer.It doesn't need good audio quality, it just needs to...