chroma q

  1. A

    Chroma Q Customer Service Sucks- Help!

    I need to send in my Colorforce 72 for repairs, but my original distributor, Secoa, was bought out. However Chroma Q still wants me to contact them...because that makes sense. Does anyone know who the Midwest dealer is for Chroma Q stuff?
  2. Kyla Werrett

    Chroma-Q Space Force onebytwo Soft Light To Be Unveiled at Major International Tradeshows

    Worldwide, April 4, 2019 – Briefly shown earlier this year at several European tradeshows, the new Chroma-Q® Space Force onebytwo™ variable white LED soft light panel will see its official launch at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 8 - 11th. An official nominee in the first-ever NAB Show...
  3. bcronenwett

    Color Force Issues

    Hey all, I have a Color Force 72 that's has had a few card issues. The fixture will default to Amber on certain cards while the fixture is idle and continue to hold Amber even while receiving Dmx values without Amber. We have replaced the cards and that fixes the issues temporarily, but then...
  4. W

    Chroma q Scrollers breaking gel string

    Every time the Scrollers are plugged in to there power they just break there gel strings by going in reverse.I can't get them to change out of PAL mode.They worked fine but i think we had a power surge in the theater.My director wants to see if its possible to fix them easily and cheaply or just...